Thursday, 3 July 2014

Exposing Victoria's Secret in Queensbay Mall

Truth is fans of the renowned sexy American brand are finally getting a piece of Victoria’s Secret as the femme fatale brand extends its doors to Penang.

Victoria's Secret at Queensbay Mall

Surprise, surprise! *waving frantically* I’m a worthy keeper of Victoria’s Secret, can’t you tell?!

Pink. Enigmatic. Seductive.

That should have given me away in a sniff!

*tsk tsk tsk* Come on, get to know me or else, you will not be able to surprise me with the perfect than perfection gift! *big-time hint*

To cut the lace, I mean chase! Victoria’s Secret undressed its latest outlet in Queensbay Mall last month, flashing a notable collection of its bestselling products.

Step into the glamorous world of Victoria's Secret

The iconic VS Night fragrance, the newest VS Angel Dream scent collection, flirty lingerie, glamorous accessories such as luggage, bags, wallets, passport covers, cosmetic cases, phone cases, sunglasses – these are just a few of my favourite things!

Are you a keeper of Victoria's Secret?

It’s the perfect getaway during mid-day or mid-week (or mid-life) crisis. Don’t believe me? Just walk into the Victoria’s Secret store in Queensbay Mall, the scent itself will make you feel sophisticated, sexy and forever young. Ah, no wonder I don’t age a bit! *pause to check for fine lines*

So, as I was saying, Victoria’s Secret is a definite go-to place to get personal. I mean... to get personal care products for yourself or your girl friends (or me) from fragrances to skin-loving body care, or naughty lingerie to super stylish accessories.

Don't miss your chance to grab a FREE Victoria's Secret tote when you purchase RM249 & above. I'm warning you, it's while stocks last only.

Guys, if you're gift-hunting, don't shy away. Trust me, a girl will love your guts walking into the lioness den just to grab her favourite Victoria's Secret. *wink*

Oh, time’s up!

It’s time to admire my Victoria’s Secret haul. Did I already mention it’s personal? So I’m gonna sign off now, and leave your imagination running wild.

Hugs xx

Store listing in Queensbay Mall, Penang
Victoria's Secret   GF 31

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